A Shocktrooper in Bompoplis

Shocktroopers are the main enemies of the game Wild 9. The Shocktroopers are the Evil forces of Karn.

Shocktroopers we're sent to capture the Wild 9 Crew members and prevent Wex from rescuing them.

Standard ShocktroopersEdit

The Shocktroopers will attack Wex when in sight they will shoot a Explosive projectile such as missiles except the Shocktroopers in Crystal mine they will gas Wex if he gets to close. The Second way that a Shocktrooper you will attack you is running Wildly at Wex. Shocktrooper's can be killed using the Rig by bashing them on the Ground and walls or throwing them in traps such as fire,spikes,grinders etc etc etc Shocktroopers can also be killed with missiles or grenades. Sometimes you have to use Shocktroopers as a platform to get to another part of stage. Example in Gulag you thrown them on to spikes where you have to get a key block. Standard Shocktroopers can be reproduced in cloning machines.

Shocktrooper VariantsEdit

  • Standard Shocktroopers - In all levels the Shocktrooper's appearance changes every level.
  • Slime Shocktroopers - Slime Shocktroopers first appear in Craterscape they will shoot out Little Green man instead of explosive projectiles of Standard Trooper will shoot. They have a stronger Melee attack also and will knock Wex straight
    Slimer Shocktrooper
    up in the air.
  • Hazar Khan is a Shocktrooper that appears in Bomboplis and Outpost Balor he has bladed propeller arm he can be used as Rig Hook.
  • Crystal Mine Shocktroopers - There just the same as the Standard Shocktroopers but they shoot Gas instead explosives missiles